Tiwalola Ogunlesi

Self-love Activist

Confidence Coach

Inspirational Speaker



Confident and Killing it is a self-love revolution that wakes young women up to their true worth so they can overcome the fear and insecurities that often hold them back from the life they truly desire.

Through powerful content and experiences we inspire a community of young millennial women to be confident and act on the passion in their hearts. We are Young. We are Bold. And together we are Unstoppable.

We’re here to create a new reality where authenticity, self-love and other powerful characteristics of the human soul are the norm and not the exception.

Only when a young woman loves herself and believes in who she is, will she be able to unlock her full potential, become her best self and change her world.


Tiwalola Ogunlesi is a self-love activist,  confidence coach and speaker whose mission is to awaken a generation of young women to their true worth, strength and purpose so they can use it to overcome the fear and insecurities that often hold them back.

Her journey started when she was volunteering as a youth mentor and noticed low self-esteem was (and still is) a major issue in the lives of young women. Wired for change, she founded Confident and Killing it -a platform that uses media in a powerful way to change what young women think and believe about themselves. She describes the movement as a self-love revolution!

To bring her vision to life she organises thought provoking and relatable talks for young women on how to deal with insecurities and stay #ConfidentandKillingit. Within her first year in action she’s spoken to over 600 girls in the UK, Lagos, NYC and at the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy in Johannesburg.

When she’s not travelling the world she works as a Global Content Specialist at Girl Effect- A creative NGO that builds youth brands and mobile platforms to empower girls to change their lives.

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