The confidence game plan


Do you struggle with imposter syndrome?

Do you find it difficult to articulate your strengths?

Do your fears feel a bit too overwhelming?

Are you searching for your purpose in life?

If you answered YES to any of these then…

the CONFIDENCE GAME PLAN workshop is for YOU.

This is a transformational workshop hosted by a qualified Life Coach -Tiwalola Ogunlesi who will be giving you the tools you need to articulate your strengths, get over your insecurities and fears and start taking responsibility for your life.

By the time you leave 

  • You will have a clear idea of your strengths, passion, interest and opportunities for growth 

  • You will know how to deal with negative thoughts and how to replace them with positive ones 

  • You will have learned how to reframe your fears and start taking steps to overcome them 

  • You will have reflected on the gaps in your life and articulated the steps you need to take to #levelup 

Sign up details

Date: Saturday 27th July or Sunday 4th August | Time: 1:30PM till 3:30PM

Price: £21.99 with FREE 1-to-1 session in person or online

Sign up by completing the form below | Payment details will be sent to you upon completing the form.

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