To my favourite frenemy by Iggie


To my favourite frenemy

You were assigned to me the moment that pregnancy test read positive, you shared the womb with me but luckily didn't take up too much space but as soon as I came out you hid and never made a sound. Four years later you made yourself known again, this time for the parents to see. You did that for a while, playing hide & seek with a young girl who wasn’t ever willing to play, I could never understand you.

I never knew what or who you were, well whatever, till next time.

More time went along and it wasn’t until I had just turned 13 and you’d almost taken my life that I learn who you were, Sickle Cell, hm scary fellow but apparently I’m stuck with you for life. Years went by and you just got louder and louder but I couldn’t let anyone see you. I didn’t want people to see the monster I had growing on my back, Iggie or should I say Quasimodo.

“Iggie how come you never swim during PE?” - Classmate #93

You took away from me, you took away my strength, my energy, my spunk, everything that made me me but you know what it’s fine…

You stopped me from doing things all the normal kids did, running, swimming, school trips, always a no from mum & dad. You just never stopped getting louder and ruining everything for me! Why? What was your purpose?? You really made me upset then, you just kept taking and taking and as if that wasn’t enough, you got in the way of my education.

‘Sorry miss, I was just too tired, I honestly couldn't go to class.’ - A fatigued Iggie in her Catholic Boarding School

These people don’t understand you, you can’t afford to be pulling tricks like that, do you know how many times I’ve tried to explain what’s going on inside me. You did this for 4 good years, you even stopped me from writing my final exams. Why do you hate me so much? What did I ever do to you? Stop it please…

“Due to the problems with Francesca’s health we do agree that it would be wise for her to not carry on with the session but rather than a 3 week leave, we propose she permanently withdraw from the University…” - University of Leeds

If you notice the story-time/metaphorical tone I started off with has gradually faded, you did that. You took away from me, you took away my strength, my energy, my spunk, everything that made me me but you know what it’s fine…

…Because let’s fast forward to the present, today marks my 3rd week in the hospital (some might say it’s sad) but I am at the peak of my happiness. I look at myself, the people around me, the opportunities you’ve given me and I’ve never been so happy. I’ve learnt to love you and although you’re a pain, I see that you only want the best for me too, well just know that this is OUR journey. I would never have gotten here without you and I am forever grateful. Our 20th anniversary is coming up this year and I have something special planned, something you’ve always wanted, so till then love…

Peace out

Iggie x

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