To coming out of dark times by Ella

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I once read the analogy of humans being putty-like and it’s one I always like to think of. It states that we are moulded and shaped in so many different ways to each other due to our past. Picked up, bashed around and dropped to form different shapes before we get tossed around again. That’s exactly how I felt a few years ago. The skin issues I was having made me shy away from everyone and everything. So how did I get my self out of the shadows and not let my past define my future?

The secret is to love everyone you meet.

My dad gave me a book once and in it contained a piece of advice from Joanna Lumley who said that, the secret is to love everyone you meet. From the moment you meet them. Give everyone the benefit of the doubt, particularly as you don’t know their story, secrets or insecurities. This ultimately, I believe, creates a self-fulfilling prophecy whereby you are receiving love from others due to giving it to others. The love and confidence that you gain from this is so important as you can then realise your own capabilities; to be and to achieve. Taking time out, I have also found, helps one to gain more self love. Time to weirdly enough get to know yourself better, as funnily enough you are the person you’re gonna be stuck with the longest! Knowing what makes you tic, makes you laugh, makes you excited is such an important thing. By doing things you love and giving love to others, it creates love for yourself. From this, the amount will only grow with time.

Peace out

Ella x

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